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Holiday Fashion

Ahh… Thanksgiving- that majestic time of the year where everyone wants to look their best. If you are anything like me, or I guess I should say anyone in my family you strive to wear your best outfit. We go all out to just hangout eat and have a good time. It’s fun if you ask me. Not only do you get to look pretty, but the environment is a great time. So, let’s talk about FASHION.

When we think of Fashion a lot of times we get so consumed with our gender that we forget there is fashion for the opposite gender. There is Fashion for guys and babies, and let me tell you there are some super cute outfits.

First let’s talk about my outfit (I posted a picture on Instagram). At first I did not know what to wear. I was going to wear leggings with probably just a normal shirt, curly my hair, with boots, and try to accessorize it to make it look nice. I went to target on Tuesday and found a super cute burgundy long sleeve turtle neck dress for only 22 dollars. I love t-shirt dresses there was no way I could pass up that offer- I had no choice but to buy it. I accessorized it with a black and gold statement necklace and Alex and Ani bracelets. I wore brown boots and crème colored leg warmers. The dress was simple but cute enough to where I didn’t have to wear a lot of accessories and because I wore a statement necklace I didn’t have to wear big earning. It simple to make an outfit go from casual to a little bit more elegant by simple adding an accessory. I could go on and on forever about how I dress up every day so I am going to change things up a bit and talk about baby fashion.

I have a nephew who is a little over one, and let me tell you he knows a thing or two about fashion. He always wears the cuties outfits it’s like he is an adult who dresses himself. It is very simple to dress a baby you can follow the same rules you would with an adult. For Thanksgiving, he wore a button up shirt with a like sweater on top of it and some jeans and boots. The sweater became the accessory to the outfit since the shirt itself would simple make the outfit more casual. The boots completed the outfit because of the color contrast.

Whether you are dressing up a baby, yourself, or your significant other one simple thing to remember is that being comfy and warm is the most important thing about fashion. There are a lot of rules of what you should wear and what you shouldn’t wear during the holidays such as certain colors, but my advice to you to throw those rules out the window and make your own rules and have fun that’s how you create your own style. So, this holiday season go treat yourself to a nice outfit that doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional fashion rules.

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Don’t Get Lazy Just Yet

With finals quickly approaching it is very easy to get lazy with ourselves. I know this is particularly true for me when I am stressed.  It’ only Tuesday and I feel like this has far been the most stressful week of my whole college career and I am not even exaggerating. I am currently running on about three hours of sleep and three cups of coffee. When I woke at about 5 a.m. I wanted to crawl back to bed and just wear sweat pants and a hoodie all day, but I forced myself not to do that. I know I am entering that point of the semester where I am in extreme overdrive so it’s very essential to for me to keep dressing up. Like I have said before, feeling good about your appearance can help with anything. So today, I decided to dress extra comfy but also wear something that I felt pretty in.

I am wearing some black Victoria’s Secret sport leggings with the white letters down my left leg. I am wearing a plain black long sleeve sport shirt, which by the way is super comfy. I didn’t want to do my hair so I wore a hat and snow boots. For accessories, I am wearing a gold and light pink statement necklace with matching earnings. By wearing a hat and the snow boots my outfit looks sporty, but I completed by accessorizing it with the statement necklace. With the statement necklace I gave it a more girly touch evening it out between too sporty and too girly.

I know it’s the end of the semester, you all probably think I am crazy because I am talking about still dressing nice. Trust me you will be more motivated to do things if you actually dress up and try rather than trying to get through finals in baggy sweets, no bra, and an oversize hoodie.

Rockin’ The Red Lipstick

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about the perfect date night outfit. Well the other night I went on another day with the same guy from before, and of course I was freaking out because I wanted to look good. I wanted to look better than the first time or second time I saw him I wanted to look the best I had ever looked, but I didn’t want to look like I had tried to much. I am just weird and I freak out about things like that.

When he first texted me, he made it seem like we weren’t going to do much, but I still wanted to look good I mean I want to continue seeing this guy ha. So, I was panicking going to my closet mentally thinking about the perfect thing to wear. I knew I couldn’t wear a dress because for one my legs weren’t completely shave and for two its December, so it would have definitely looked like I had tried way too hard. Like I have said in most of my blogs, I wanted to be comfortable and I wanted to be warm because boy was it cold outside. I tried on a couple different things then I finally found the perfect outfit to wear.

A couple days before I had gone to the bar and I had worn black leggings, an army green shirt, a bralette, tan leg warmers, brown boots, a multi layered white necklace, with Alex and Ani bracelets. I had put my hair up in half a pony tail or some of my friends call them party pony. My make-up was pretty natural for the most part and I had completed my outfit by wearing bright red lipstick and a leather jacket. I felt so good and confident. I was rocking everything about that outfit that night, so I decided wearing this outfit on a second/third date about be the perfect date night outfit.

So, that’s what I wore on second/third date with this guy. It all worked out in favor. He told me I looked really, and we both had an amazing night. I was freaking out for nothing like usual ha. Like I have been saying most of my blogs create your outfits based on clothes that are going to make you feel pretty and comfortable- even if this means breaking the normal fashions rules that’s what style is all about expressing who you are. So, next time you are getting ready for a date put on your favorite outfit and grab a lipstick and rock it.

Fashion Can Help With A Heartbreak

Getting your heart broken is the hardest thing to overcome especially when you’re in college. The best way to get over a break up is by looking good. I always say look good feel good. Over the last couple weeks, I have been struggling to get over a heart break so every day I make myself get out of bed and get dresses. I also make myself do my make-up and hair, so I can feel good. Some days are much more challenging than others, so some days I must dress a little bit better than others.

For example, today I woke up and really missed a certain guy so here is what I did.

  1. I got up brushed my teeth, took my birth control and other meds, then cradled back into bed. I was not feeling it this morning. I had decided that I needed to take a personal day, but I eventually made myself get out of bed.
  2. When I eventually got up I opened my closet doors and stood there for about ten minutes clueless as to what I was going to wear. I then decided that I wanted to wear a hat, so I based my outfit off a hat. Then I decided I wanted to wear my white high top converse, so I figured I would be wearing leggings with those. After that I only needed to pick out a shirt. I wore a burgundy shirt that’s crisscrossed around the chest. I liked my outfit a lot.
  3. Then I did my make and put my hair in a pony-tail. I chose out some accessories. I wore some small silver earning and four silver and Alex and Ani bracelets.

I was ready for my day and I liked my outfit, but not only that I also felt comfortable. Since it has been kind of cold recently I could layer up my out and stay warm. I tried to focus on the fact that I felt good about how I looked, so if I ran into a certain someone I would feel confident. Break-ups are extremely hard, and I cannot guarantee that dressing nice will cure you from a heart ache, but what I can say is it will at least make you feel better about yourself. So, like I have said before on a bad day dress nice but also comfortable. That is the first step to self- confidence. Feel pretty and comfortable.

How Do I find An Outfit

Brrrr… It’s cold outside what do I wear. This morning when I woke up I did not want to get out of bed much less get out of my warm comfy pjs and get ready for the day. I checked the temperature outside and it was 28 degrees that is way cold! It’s below freezing! My first thought was what am I going to wear that is going to keep me warm…

I probably tried on about 10 different clothing items before I found an outfit. Of course, my main goal was to be warm, but I also wanted to look super cute. I mean I live in Colorado so my wardrobe consists of more winter clothes than summer clothes, so you would think it would have been easy for me to choose an outfit, right? Well it wasn’t. I tried on a flannel and I didn’t like it, and I thought I would be cold. I had an outfit planned in my head, and I know I have a lot of clothes, so I could definitely recreate the outfit in my head. For reason, though, I couldn’t find the right clothing items to make me feel not only comfortable but also pretty. So, there I was with 20 minutes left to get ready and I just couldn’t find anything to wear. I tried a hoodie and a jacket and didn’t like it either. The only thing I was certain about was that I wanted to wear my snow boots.

So, I kept trying outfits that by the time I left my house I had a whole stack of hangers on my bed. I ended up wearing a light pink shirt, a multi layered necklace, a watch, a burgundy cardigan, jeans, and my boots. Although it wasn’t necessarily the outfit I had planned in mind it worked. I got to wear my snow boots and felt comfortable and pretty.

Choosing an outfit in the morning is very difficult especially if you’re anything like me. I try on my whole closet before I decide on an outfit, but that’s okay. You just should find the strategy for choosing an outfit that works best for you.

  1. Go with your favorite outfit and try to tweak some things about it, so you’re not repeating your outfits over and over again.
  2. Have in mind at least one clothing item (shoes included) that you want to wear to try and base your outfit off that certain item.
  3. Remember that it’s okay to try on multiple outfits.
  4. Lastly, wear clothes you feel comfortable and pretty in.

Try reading other blogs that might you ideas on how to use certain prints. Here is an example:


Winter Wonderland Outfits

As winter is right around the corner and fall is coming to an end it means wardrobe change. The weather has changed a lot lately, but today it started snowing a little bit. I was not prepared very well. I was wearing black legging, brown boots, an ombre tank top, and a north face jacket. I assumed I would be just fine, but boy was I wrong. When I got to school, it was cold but bearable and when I got done with class it was snowing. And it was snowing hard. I was super cold I ended up going home to put on some more layers. It hit me that winter was here and it was time to pull out my winter outfits. Later that day, I went home and just layered up, but then I got thinking why can’t my normal outfits just be winter outfits as well.

I went home and left my ombre tank top on because it was super cute and I was rocking it. I just added a wintery boyfriend cardigan and leg warmers to make outfit a little bit warmer. I also added a scarf for when I had to walk around campus. Turns out a summery outfit can be a winter outfit you might just have to layer up a bit.

  1. Cardigans make a great way to layer up and help your outfit look not so summery. Boyfriend cardigans
  2. Leg warmers are a must in winter.
  3. Scarfs- they can be worn both to keep someone warm as well as to complete and outfit by accessorizing it.
  4. Flannels- Although flannels are commonly used for season they also make great winter outfits. They are very easy to layer up. You can also add a vest to layer up and look great.
  5. Hoodies- Who doesn’t love hoodies they are so comfy and they keep you warm. Hoodies are very easy to layer up. They make cute outfits with leggings and boots or super tight jeans
  6. Boots- Of course boots are the main component of a winter outfit. whether they are snow boots, fashion boots, Uggs, combat boots, or any type of boots they always complete a winter outfit. Regardless of the outfit if you wear boots the outfit will be wintery. But one thing to remember that boots always look better with leg warmers.
  7. Dresses- Although it seems like dresses are a silly thing to wear in the winter, they can be turned into a winter outfit very easily. You can either wear tights or leggings under them and bam a winter outfit.

The point is you don’t have to store all your cute summer clothes and wait almost all year to wear them. You just need to know how to accessorize your outfits correctly and be able to layer up properly. Like I’ve said before forget the rules and make up your own!

UGH Packing… A Girl’s Worst Nightmare

There’s two types of packers: the over packers and the under packers- there is no happy medium for a girl. If you’re like me you probably an over packer most of the time, but I always say that it is better to over pack than under pack. This week I come to parent’s house for Thanksgiving break, and oh boy did I struggle packing. I knew I only needed clothes for one week, but I wasn’t sure what I would be doing this week. I had to pack comfy clothes but also cute outfits just in case.

I started by just pulling clothes out of my closet, and before I knew it my bed was full of clothes. I didn’t have actual outfits I had just pulled random tops and bottoms, and so I realized I had to find a better way of packing.

I decided to start packing outfit by outfit instead of random tops and bottoms. I packed almost two outfits per day just in case, which it probably sounds like I packed a lot. But in the big aspect of things two outfits a day is not that much. I packed one outfit of leggings and some comfy shirt and then one outfit for the same day that I would wear if I go out. I ended up packing like 12 outfits and two pajama outfits and four pairs of shoes.

After I was done packing my main clothes, I packed my underwear, bras, and accessories. I only packed two bras, and since I ALWAYS match my bras and underwear it was easy for me to pack underwear. After that, I just packed accessories. I packed the usual accessories that I always wear like my Alex and Ani bracelets, two watches, my favorite pair of earnings, and a statement necklace. The last things that I packed were my beauty products. I packed my make-up, hair straightener, curling iron, and all my shower products.

At the end of everything I came up with a plan that to pack that seemed a little more organized and easier. If I divide the packing into sections it would not only make it easier for me, but also less likely for me to forget something. Packing is a big hassle especially if you’re like me, and it takes you like five tries to pick out an outfit. It’s important to find the ways to pack that work for you in order

Sorority Formal

I am probably the most basic non-white girl there is. I would love to say that I am unique and don’t do basic girl stuff, but unfortunately I can’t. I am part of a sorority- Alpha Sigma Alpha. This past Friday night we had our annual formal.

I had been super excited for formal since our last formal. I had looked at a million different dresses online, and I just couldn’t find one that I really liked. I wanted to wear a dark color preferably red or black. I wanted to avoid wearing a strapless dress because I personally hate strapless dresses- or anything strapless for that matter. I was being very picky because it was going to be my last formal, and I wanted to look elegant, classy, and feel pretty.

One of my best friends works at David’s Bridal, so she told me to go look at the dresses there before ordering one online. There were a few different dresses that I tried on, but none of them stood out to me.  I also didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on a dresses that I would never wear again. I found one that was a blueish color with tan, and it wasn’t strapless. It was a perfect dress. I could wear it without even wearing a bra. I got that dress without hesitation.

It was the day of formal and it was time to get ready. I love being a girl but sometimes it’s just so hard to have to motivation get ready. Putting on a full face of make-up and doing your hair is such a struggle- on top on having to shave your legs. I wasn’t particularly excited to get ready, rather I was just excited to go too formal.

My getting ready process was in a few different steps:

  1. I did my hair early in the morning so the curls wouldn’t be so curly. I wanted the curls to have a natural type of flow.
  2. After I go home from class I took a shower (I obviously didn’t wash my hair). I shaved my legs and used an organic lotion to make sure my legs were extra soft.
  3. Then I went to dinner and took a break from getting ready.
  4. When I got back from dinner I finished doing my hair. One of my sorority sisters helped me with my hair. I was finally ready all I need to do was change.
  5. I changed into my dress (and I didn’t have to wear a BRA!!!). I wore nude shoes, gold earning, and my gold Alex and Ani bracelets.

I looked good, I felt good, I was very comfortable, and most importantly I had fun.

Iza’s Fall Trends

If you are like me, you probably love fall for all the right reasons. I love fall for the pumpkin spices lattes, the pumpkin pies, leaves falling, the crisp weather, and most importantly the cute fall outfits. I have lived in Colorado my whole life, so for the most part my closet consists of fall and winter clothes. I have recently found a few new fall trends I have completely fallen in love with.

The first one would be booties. I love to wear booties. Although I only own two pair of booties I have tried lots of different outfits with them. They are great for super casual outfits or outfits that you are trying to make a little more elegant. I wear them to the bars, to school, dates, or simply a girls’ day at the mall. Booties are super comfy. I wear them with blouses, lose shirts, hats, and dresses.

Another great trend I have picked up this fall has been loose shirts and hats. Loose shirts go great for a casual outfit, but they can also be accessorized the right way to not look so casual. I have worn loose t-shirts with leggings a ball-cap a statement necklace and I have noticed it has become a fall fashion trend around me.

Flannels have always been a big fall trend, but for me flannels just became a thing. I was never a huge fan of flannels, but now I want to wear them with everything. They go great with almost any outfit- from leggings with running shoes- to jeans and cute booties.

I have come to discover that almost any outfit I wear in the summer I can turn into a fall outfit- well minus the sandals and the super summery dresses. I have quite a bit of t-shirt dresses, and let me tell you those make for great fall outfits. I wear them with booties, cute flannels, sometimes even with a vest if it isn’t too hot- it all depends on the weather.

FullSizeRender.jpgI have gotten a lot of my fall outfit ideas from Pinterest. For more outfit inspirations from me follow me in Pinterest. Izamary Rios or Fashion with Iza.

This outfit was inspired from Pinterest Check it out



Lately there has been a huge fashion fall fashion trend with booties. Booties are a great go to fashion. They can go well with skirts, dresses, leggings and pants. I have a couple pair of booties and I love them. Booties are a big trend around this time a year everywhere. If you look on Pinterest, you will find a lot of fall outfits that include booties.


There are a lot of different ways to wear booties- with that being said when booties are worn we need to be careful on how we wear them. Booties can easily become a fashion Item that can be an oops. I will let the picture explain what I mean by oops. Click on the link to see what other Fashion Bloggers have to say about booties.1791ac41faeed73300540396826b2627.jpg

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cuffing Your Jeans with Ankle Boots (Part 1)


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