Ahh… Thanksgiving- that majestic time of the year where everyone wants to look their best. If you are anything like me, or I guess I should say anyone in my family you strive to wear your best outfit. We go all out to just hangout eat and have a good time. It’s fun if you ask me. Not only do you get to look pretty, but the environment is a great time. So, let’s talk about FASHION.

When we think of Fashion a lot of times we get so consumed with our gender that we forget there is fashion for the opposite gender. There is Fashion for guys and babies, and let me tell you there are some super cute outfits.

First let’s talk about my outfit (I posted a picture on Instagram). At first I did not know what to wear. I was going to wear leggings with probably just a normal shirt, curly my hair, with boots, and try to accessorize it to make it look nice. I went to target on Tuesday and found a super cute burgundy long sleeve turtle neck dress for only 22 dollars. I love t-shirt dresses there was no way I could pass up that offer- I had no choice but to buy it. I accessorized it with a black and gold statement necklace and Alex and Ani bracelets. I wore brown boots and crème colored leg warmers. The dress was simple but cute enough to where I didn’t have to wear a lot of accessories and because I wore a statement necklace I didn’t have to wear big earning. It simple to make an outfit go from casual to a little bit more elegant by simple adding an accessory. I could go on and on forever about how I dress up every day so I am going to change things up a bit and talk about baby fashion.

I have a nephew who is a little over one, and let me tell you he knows a thing or two about fashion. He always wears the cuties outfits it’s like he is an adult who dresses himself. It is very simple to dress a baby you can follow the same rules you would with an adult. For Thanksgiving, he wore a button up shirt with a like sweater on top of it and some jeans and boots. The sweater became the accessory to the outfit since the shirt itself would simple make the outfit more casual. The boots completed the outfit because of the color contrast.

Whether you are dressing up a baby, yourself, or your significant other one simple thing to remember is that being comfy and warm is the most important thing about fashion. There are a lot of rules of what you should wear and what you shouldn’t wear during the holidays such as certain colors, but my advice to you to throw those rules out the window and make your own rules and have fun that’s how you create your own style. So, this holiday season go treat yourself to a nice outfit that doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional fashion rules.