There are a few different ways to make statements within fashion. Most of the time they come from some type of accessory. It can be a belt, a pair of shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. Accessories can either make or break an outfit.

For example, I have an orange tank top that that honestly looks a little ugly when it is just hanging in my closet. When I shirt tried it on I thought it was a little ugly. I even questioned myself as to why I had bought it. I started thinking of different ways to make that shirt into a cute outfit. I wear it with dark wash or black jeans. I accessories it with a blue and gold statement necklace along with earrings and a blue and gold watch. I usually wear nude flats or sandals with it.

By adding these accessories to a simple shirt I am making a statement to an outfit. I am contrasting the colors by wearing dark jeans and a lighter shirt and a totally different necklace. I made a simple shirt into a fancier outfit that could even possibly be worn as business casual.

The only thing about this outfits like this is one that you have to be careful contrasting colors. Some colors go very well with each other like blue and orange, but pink and orange might not necessarily go well together because they’re both on the lighter end of the color spectrum. I usually lay out the shirt I plan on wearing and then lay different colors over it to see what looks best, but before I do that I must know what bottoms I am going to wear. It is easier to choose items to accessories your outfit if you know exactly what top and bottoms you plan on wearing.

It is very easy to make a simple outfit a statement outfit you just have to find the right accessories that fit your style.