• Leggings
    • We all love leggings. I wear leggings at least three times a week. The important thing about leggings is that we must remember they are not pants. They are comfy and go with most things, but there is a place and time for leggings. Leggings don’t fulfill the requirements of pants. We must not over-do it with the leggings.
  • Hoodies
    • Hoodies make you look lazy. There are two types of hoodies fashion hoodies and lazy hoodies- it’s very easy to over use lazy hoodies. Although fashion hoodies are still hoodies, and they are still comfy, they represent you in a different way than normal hoodies. They are a bit tighter and may go with better I casual situations. My point being hoodies are great, but they can make you look lazy and are not appropriate all the time.
  • Boyfriend Cardigans
    • These types of cardigans are probably the most commonly over used cardigans- like hoodies they are great, but can also make you look lazy. They are so comfy and can look great, but they are so over used. Although wearing a boyfriend cardigan everyday might seem like a great idea, it’s not. Let me tell you why… they go well with certain outfits, and can be really cute- but they are not meant for every occasion. They can be great fall outfits with some skinny jeans and a cute pair of booties, but wearing them with leggings simply makes you look lazy.
  • Bralettes
    • They are so comfortably, but they are not bras. They go well with lose shirts or certain low cut shirt, but your boobs need support. Even if you have really small boobs you still have nipples, and your nipples don’t need to be visible all the time. They are very trendy and comfy, but bras are still a thing. I have one bralette, and I absolutely love it- but I try not to over use it.