If you are like me, you probably love fall for all the right reasons. I love fall for the pumpkin spices lattes, the pumpkin pies, leaves falling, the crisp weather, and most importantly the cute fall outfits. I have lived in Colorado my whole life, so for the most part my closet consists of fall and winter clothes. I have recently found a few new fall trends I have completely fallen in love with.

The first one would be booties. I love to wear booties. Although I only own two pair of booties I have tried lots of different outfits with them. They are great for super casual outfits or outfits that you are trying to make a little more elegant. I wear them to the bars, to school, dates, or simply a girls’ day at the mall. Booties are super comfy. I wear them with blouses, lose shirts, hats, and dresses.

Another great trend I have picked up this fall has been loose shirts and hats. Loose shirts go great for a casual outfit, but they can also be accessorized the right way to not look so casual. I have worn loose t-shirts with leggings a ball-cap a statement necklace and I have noticed it has become a fall fashion trend around me.

Flannels have always been a big fall trend, but for me flannels just became a thing. I was never a huge fan of flannels, but now I want to wear them with everything. They go great with almost any outfit- from leggings with running shoes- to jeans and cute booties.

I have come to discover that almost any outfit I wear in the summer I can turn into a fall outfit- well minus the sandals and the super summery dresses. I have quite a bit of t-shirt dresses, and let me tell you those make for great fall outfits. I wear them with booties, cute flannels, sometimes even with a vest if it isn’t too hot- it all depends on the weather.

FullSizeRender.jpgI have gotten a lot of my fall outfit ideas from Pinterest. For more outfit inspirations from me follow me in Pinterest. Izamary Rios or Fashion with Iza.

This outfit was inspired from Pinterest Check it out