I am probably the most basic non-white girl there is. I would love to say that I am unique and don’t do basic girl stuff, but unfortunately I can’t. I am part of a sorority- Alpha Sigma Alpha. This past Friday night we had our annual formal.

I had been super excited for formal since our last formal. I had looked at a million different dresses online, and I just couldn’t find one that I really liked. I wanted to wear a dark color preferably red or black. I wanted to avoid wearing a strapless dress because I personally hate strapless dresses- or anything strapless for that matter. I was being very picky because it was going to be my last formal, and I wanted to look elegant, classy, and feel pretty.

One of my best friends works at David’s Bridal, so she told me to go look at the dresses there before ordering one online. There were a few different dresses that I tried on, but none of them stood out to me.  I also didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on a dresses that I would never wear again. I found one that was a blueish color with tan, and it wasn’t strapless. It was a perfect dress. I could wear it without even wearing a bra. I got that dress without hesitation.

It was the day of formal and it was time to get ready. I love being a girl but sometimes it’s just so hard to have to motivation get ready. Putting on a full face of make-up and doing your hair is such a struggle- on top on having to shave your legs. I wasn’t particularly excited to get ready, rather I was just excited to go too formal.

My getting ready process was in a few different steps:

  1. I did my hair early in the morning so the curls wouldn’t be so curly. I wanted the curls to have a natural type of flow.
  2. After I go home from class I took a shower (I obviously didn’t wash my hair). I shaved my legs and used an organic lotion to make sure my legs were extra soft.
  3. Then I went to dinner and took a break from getting ready.
  4. When I got back from dinner I finished doing my hair. One of my sorority sisters helped me with my hair. I was finally ready all I need to do was change.
  5. I changed into my dress (and I didn’t have to wear a BRA!!!). I wore nude shoes, gold earning, and my gold Alex and Ani bracelets.

I looked good, I felt good, I was very comfortable, and most importantly I had fun.