There’s two types of packers: the over packers and the under packers- there is no happy medium for a girl. If you’re like me you probably an over packer most of the time, but I always say that it is better to over pack than under pack. This week I come to parent’s house for Thanksgiving break, and oh boy did I struggle packing. I knew I only needed clothes for one week, but I wasn’t sure what I would be doing this week. I had to pack comfy clothes but also cute outfits just in case.

I started by just pulling clothes out of my closet, and before I knew it my bed was full of clothes. I didn’t have actual outfits I had just pulled random tops and bottoms, and so I realized I had to find a better way of packing.

I decided to start packing outfit by outfit instead of random tops and bottoms. I packed almost two outfits per day just in case, which it probably sounds like I packed a lot. But in the big aspect of things two outfits a day is not that much. I packed one outfit of leggings and some comfy shirt and then one outfit for the same day that I would wear if I go out. I ended up packing like 12 outfits and two pajama outfits and four pairs of shoes.

After I was done packing my main clothes, I packed my underwear, bras, and accessories. I only packed two bras, and since I ALWAYS match my bras and underwear it was easy for me to pack underwear. After that, I just packed accessories. I packed the usual accessories that I always wear like my Alex and Ani bracelets, two watches, my favorite pair of earnings, and a statement necklace. The last things that I packed were my beauty products. I packed my make-up, hair straightener, curling iron, and all my shower products.

At the end of everything I came up with a plan that to pack that seemed a little more organized and easier. If I divide the packing into sections it would not only make it easier for me, but also less likely for me to forget something. Packing is a big hassle especially if you’re like me, and it takes you like five tries to pick out an outfit. It’s important to find the ways to pack that work for you in order