As winter is right around the corner and fall is coming to an end it means wardrobe change. The weather has changed a lot lately, but today it started snowing a little bit. I was not prepared very well. I was wearing black legging, brown boots, an ombre tank top, and a north face jacket. I assumed I would be just fine, but boy was I wrong. When I got to school, it was cold but bearable and when I got done with class it was snowing. And it was snowing hard. I was super cold I ended up going home to put on some more layers. It hit me that winter was here and it was time to pull out my winter outfits. Later that day, I went home and just layered up, but then I got thinking why can’t my normal outfits just be winter outfits as well.

I went home and left my ombre tank top on because it was super cute and I was rocking it. I just added a wintery boyfriend cardigan and leg warmers to make outfit a little bit warmer. I also added a scarf for when I had to walk around campus. Turns out a summery outfit can be a winter outfit you might just have to layer up a bit.

  1. Cardigans make a great way to layer up and help your outfit look not so summery. Boyfriend cardigans
  2. Leg warmers are a must in winter.
  3. Scarfs- they can be worn both to keep someone warm as well as to complete and outfit by accessorizing it.
  4. Flannels- Although flannels are commonly used for season they also make great winter outfits. They are very easy to layer up. You can also add a vest to layer up and look great.
  5. Hoodies- Who doesn’t love hoodies they are so comfy and they keep you warm. Hoodies are very easy to layer up. They make cute outfits with leggings and boots or super tight jeans
  6. Boots- Of course boots are the main component of a winter outfit. whether they are snow boots, fashion boots, Uggs, combat boots, or any type of boots they always complete a winter outfit. Regardless of the outfit if you wear boots the outfit will be wintery. But one thing to remember that boots always look better with leg warmers.
  7. Dresses- Although it seems like dresses are a silly thing to wear in the winter, they can be turned into a winter outfit very easily. You can either wear tights or leggings under them and bam a winter outfit.

The point is you don’t have to store all your cute summer clothes and wait almost all year to wear them. You just need to know how to accessorize your outfits correctly and be able to layer up properly. Like I’ve said before forget the rules and make up your own!