A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about the perfect date night outfit. Well the other night I went on another day with the same guy from before, and of course I was freaking out because I wanted to look good. I wanted to look better than the first time or second time I saw him I wanted to look the best I had ever looked, but I didn’t want to look like I had tried to much. I am just weird and I freak out about things like that.

When he first texted me, he made it seem like we weren’t going to do much, but I still wanted to look good I mean I want to continue seeing this guy ha. So, I was panicking going to my closet mentally thinking about the perfect thing to wear. I knew I couldn’t wear a dress because for one my legs weren’t completely shave and for two its December, so it would have definitely looked like I had tried way too hard. Like I have said in most of my blogs, I wanted to be comfortable and I wanted to be warm because boy was it cold outside. I tried on a couple different things then I finally found the perfect outfit to wear.

A couple days before I had gone to the bar and I had worn black leggings, an army green shirt, a bralette, tan leg warmers, brown boots, a multi layered white necklace, with Alex and Ani bracelets. I had put my hair up in half a pony tail or some of my friends call them party pony. My make-up was pretty natural for the most part and I had completed my outfit by wearing bright red lipstick and a leather jacket. I felt so good and confident. I was rocking everything about that outfit that night, so I decided wearing this outfit on a second/third date about be the perfect date night outfit.

So, that’s what I wore on second/third date with this guy. It all worked out in favor. He told me I looked really, and we both had an amazing night. I was freaking out for nothing like usual ha. Like I have been saying most of my blogs create your outfits based on clothes that are going to make you feel pretty and comfortable- even if this means breaking the normal fashions rules that’s what style is all about expressing who you are. So, next time you are getting ready for a date put on your favorite outfit and grab a lipstick and rock it.