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Fashion Items we must be careful with

  • Leggings
    • We all love leggings. I wear leggings at least three times a week. The important thing about leggings is that we must remember they are not pants. They are comfy and go with most things, but there is a place and time for leggings. Leggings don’t fulfill the requirements of pants. We must not over-do it with the leggings.
  • Hoodies
    • Hoodies make you look lazy. There are two types of hoodies fashion hoodies and lazy hoodies- it’s very easy to over use lazy hoodies. Although fashion hoodies are still hoodies, and they are still comfy, they represent you in a different way than normal hoodies. They are a bit tighter and may go with better I casual situations. My point being hoodies are great, but they can make you look lazy and are not appropriate all the time.
  • Boyfriend Cardigans
    • These types of cardigans are probably the most commonly over used cardigans- like hoodies they are great, but can also make you look lazy. They are so comfy and can look great, but they are so over used. Although wearing a boyfriend cardigan everyday might seem like a great idea, it’s not. Let me tell you why… they go well with certain outfits, and can be really cute- but they are not meant for every occasion. They can be great fall outfits with some skinny jeans and a cute pair of booties, but wearing them with leggings simply makes you look lazy.
  • Bralettes
    • They are so comfortably, but they are not bras. They go well with lose shirts or certain low cut shirt, but your boobs need support. Even if you have really small boobs you still have nipples, and your nipples don’t need to be visible all the time. They are very trendy and comfy, but bras are still a thing. I have one bralette, and I absolutely love it- but I try not to over use it.

I Don’t Have Enough

The most common phrase you will probably hear a girl say is “I don’t have anything to wear!” The truth is we are all guilty of this statement because we have a closet full of clothes. I know what you guys are all thinking I don’t want to wear any of these clothes. The trick to this issue is to mix and match outfits that you don’t normally wear. It’s easy to get into a routine and want to repeat your outfits over and over again, but there are a few tricks to create new outfits with the clothes you already own.

1.Wear colors together that you would normally not wear.

Try wearing different colors like burgundy and navy blue, or pink and green. There a so many colors you mix and match helping you have a change of a wardrobe. For example, I have a pair of light pink pants and I used to wear them with a black shirt and a statement necklace- pretty simple right. Those pants are my favorite pants. I wear them all the time- probably once a week. I decided I couldn’t keep wearing them with a black shirt because I was constantly repeating the same outfit. I decided to be a little risky and I tried wearing them with a green jacket and I really liked the color contrast. After that I started wearing them with different colors like a burgundy sweater or a patterned shirt- by doing this I created new outfits with the clothes I already had. I also accessorized every out with a statement necklace and a watch.

2.Try new fashion trends that might be a little risky for you

Trying new things can be very scary specially when it comes down to clothing item or accessories. There are always new trends coming out, and I am guilty of being scared to try new things. We get so comfortable in the way we dress that it becomes who we are, which don’t get me wrong that okay too- that’s your personal style, but don’t be scared to try new things. For example, chokers are a trend that is currently coming back. They are a little risky to use- chokers are either a hit or miss, but don’t be scared to try them out. I saw a couple of my friends wearing them, and I really liked the look of them- but I just wasn’t sure if I could pull them off. One day I walked into American Eagle and I saw a necklace that was layered- it started off as a choker, so it kind of caught my attention. I decided to buy it. The first time I wore it I was wearing a white crop top with some dark wash jeans and flannel around my waist. Honestly, that is very risky for me- I don’t usually wear outfit of that type because I feel like I can’t pull them off. I have worn that necklace multiple times now, and I still think it is a little bit risky for me, but I tried something new. Trying risky things in fashion like this has opened up a bigger closet within my own closet.

It is very easy as girls, to constantly think we don’t anything to wear. We just have to remember that there any many different ways to change up outfit you already have.

Making a Statement

There are a few different ways to make statements within fashion. Most of the time they come from some type of accessory. It can be a belt, a pair of shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. Accessories can either make or break an outfit.

For example, I have an orange tank top that that honestly looks a little ugly when it is just hanging in my closet. When I shirt tried it on I thought it was a little ugly. I even questioned myself as to why I had bought it. I started thinking of different ways to make that shirt into a cute outfit. I wear it with dark wash or black jeans. I accessories it with a blue and gold statement necklace along with earrings and a blue and gold watch. I usually wear nude flats or sandals with it.

By adding these accessories to a simple shirt I am making a statement to an outfit. I am contrasting the colors by wearing dark jeans and a lighter shirt and a totally different necklace. I made a simple shirt into a fancier outfit that could even possibly be worn as business casual.

The only thing about this outfits like this is one that you have to be careful contrasting colors. Some colors go very well with each other like blue and orange, but pink and orange might not necessarily go well together because they’re both on the lighter end of the color spectrum. I usually lay out the shirt I plan on wearing and then lay different colors over it to see what looks best, but before I do that I must know what bottoms I am going to wear. It is easier to choose items to accessories your outfit if you know exactly what top and bottoms you plan on wearing.

It is very easy to make a simple outfit a statement outfit you just have to find the right accessories that fit your style.

Date Night Outfit

A couple weeks ago I went to the bar downtown and I met a really cute guy. He bought me a drink, we talked, and had a great time. Unfortunately, he was not from around here. I thought it would be a one-time thing and it would be over. We would never see each other again. To my surprise, last week he texted me, asking me to get drinks with him because he would be in town for business meetings. Of course, I died of excitement.

We were supposed to meet on Wednesday, so all week long all I thought about was what am I going to wear. I wanted to make a really good second impression since I the first time we met it was a bar. I went through my close probably about ten times without exaggeration. I asked multiple friends for advice, but I still couldn’t figure out what to wear.

First, I thought about wearing a super casual outfit, but I decided against it. Then I was sure I should wear a Burgundy T-Shirt dress with black booties. I thought the T-Shirt dress would make it casual, but the booties would make up for the casualness. I convinced myself against that because I didn’t want him to think I had put too much thought into it. As you can see I over thought my outfit A LOT.

I ended up wearing some dark wash skinny jeans from American Eagle. For a top I wore a burgundy tank top. I wore black booties and a navy blue watch. I straightened my hair and tried to make it casual, but also a little grown upish.

I over thought my outfit way too much, and ended up wearing something super casual. The important thing to remember is that you have to be comfortable with your outfit. I think I looked pretty good, he thought I looked pretty good- so it all worked out. The key is not to overthink it. Be yourself and wear your favorite clothing- odds are the guy probably won’t care that much about your outfit.

On a Bad Day… Dress Cute

I am a college student and like we all know most college students have more bad days than the usual. For a bad day I have an easy solution: Dress cute. I was having a bad day on Monday and I dressed for the occasion. I wore a nice pink pair of pants with a white and black tank top and curled my hair. I felt pretty and oh boy I got a lot of compliment as well.

As I go on with this blog I will discuss some of my fashion and beauty secrets. I by no means am an expert, but I do try hard and I know the power of a cute outfit and some lipstick. As I go on through this journey I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.



Holiday Fashion

Ahh… Thanksgiving- that majestic time of the year where everyone wants to look their best. If you are anything like me, or I guess I should say anyone in my family you strive to wear your best outfit. We go all out to just hangout eat and have a good time. It’s fun if you ask me. Not only do you get to look pretty, but the environment is a great time. So, let’s talk about FASHION.

When we think of Fashion a lot of times we get so consumed with our gender that we forget there is fashion for the opposite gender. There is Fashion for guys and babies, and let me tell you there are some super cute outfits.

First let’s talk about my outfit (I posted a picture on Instagram). At first I did not know what to wear. I was going to wear leggings with probably just a normal shirt, curly my hair, with boots, and try to accessorize it to make it look nice. I went to target on Tuesday and found a super cute burgundy long sleeve turtle neck dress for only 22 dollars. I love t-shirt dresses there was no way I could pass up that offer- I had no choice but to buy it. I accessorized it with a black and gold statement necklace and Alex and Ani bracelets. I wore brown boots and crème colored leg warmers. The dress was simple but cute enough to where I didn’t have to wear a lot of accessories and because I wore a statement necklace I didn’t have to wear big earning. It simple to make an outfit go from casual to a little bit more elegant by simple adding an accessory. I could go on and on forever about how I dress up every day so I am going to change things up a bit and talk about baby fashion.

I have a nephew who is a little over one, and let me tell you he knows a thing or two about fashion. He always wears the cuties outfits it’s like he is an adult who dresses himself. It is very simple to dress a baby you can follow the same rules you would with an adult. For Thanksgiving, he wore a button up shirt with a like sweater on top of it and some jeans and boots. The sweater became the accessory to the outfit since the shirt itself would simple make the outfit more casual. The boots completed the outfit because of the color contrast.

Whether you are dressing up a baby, yourself, or your significant other one simple thing to remember is that being comfy and warm is the most important thing about fashion. There are a lot of rules of what you should wear and what you shouldn’t wear during the holidays such as certain colors, but my advice to you to throw those rules out the window and make your own rules and have fun that’s how you create your own style. So, this holiday season go treat yourself to a nice outfit that doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional fashion rules.

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